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"Love it! So convenient. Great prices on quality produce.” Sheryl J.

"Speedy Market has the best butcher shop around.” John M.

Boars Head Meats and Cheeses

Deli Goods Made Fresh


Our full-service deli features freshly made sandwiches, Boar’s Head meats, and hot foods made Monday through Friday, Chicken Wild Rice Soup, made fresh in­-house, and our famous egg salad, find a new favorite in The Retro Sandwich, or a bowl.

Produce, Grocery Store


We feature all your favorite fruits and vegetables, including locally grown and seasonal gems. Everything is affordably priced and delivered six days a week. Keep an eye out for Driscoll berries, Colorado peaches, and Minnesota Honeycrisp apples.

Dairy, Grocery Store


Whether you are looking for local Schroeder milk, eggs from Minnesota’s own Local Eggs, Siggi’s Icelandic style yogurt, Bongard’s Cheddar Cheese, and even imported Kerrygold Irish butter, you will find it in Speedy’s dairy case.

frozen Foods, Grocery Store


From Amy’s frozen meals to Earthbound Farm organic fruits and vegetables, Evol burritos and Wyman’s blueberries, you will find it all in the freezers at Speedy. Be sure to check out Kettle River Pizza, made in Askov, Minnesota!


Ross J.

“I’m sure there some who travel out of their way to visit this treasure.  A family owned neighborhood market with a Deli and Butcher shop. There are frozen pasties from Florence, Wi.  The Deli area offers Panini sandwiches made while you wait.”

Angela J.

Best little neighborhood grocery/corner store ever. Great Meat counter and cool local products. This store is an asset to the neighborhood! Love all the cheeses, fresh gourmet candy, ice cream and produce! Friendly, convenient and easy parking.

Doc H.

“It’s what all neighborhood corner stores should have been before they were killed by megamarts. I recommend you visit often and support this store as I do. You will not be disappointed and you will have the kind of neighborhood store experience that is often only seen in television shows today.”

John S,

“I’m sure there some who travel out of their way to visit this treasure.  A family owned neighborhood market with a Deli and Butcher shop. There are frozen pasties from Florence, Wi.  The Deli area offers Panini sandwiches made while you wait.”

Trevre A.

“What these folks pack into this postage stamp is amazing. Their butcher in particular has a lot things that are difficult to find in the city. They rotate through a variety of produce and seasonal items, they’ve got some lesser known ingredients (Gjetost anyone?) and what they don’t have they’ll get for you.”

Crystal H.

“It’s always fun to stop at Tim and Tom’s. This is where I get the sliced meat for my homemade jerky. This last visit they only had one package of the pre sliced, pre wrapped sirloin I get, and the butcher helped me pick out another cut of meat from the case and quickly sliced it up for me. He was very helpful when I told him what I told was doing with it. And all of the staff are always friendly with good humor.”

Assorted St. Patrick's Day inspired item!

Luck of the Speedy: Your St. Patrick’s Day Foods Covered!

St. Patrick's Day is on Friday; that means Summer is just around the corner! Speedy Market has all...
Brined Thanks Giving Turkey

Chef Alan: Turkey Brine 101

With Thanksgiving next week (!), you may be asking yourself: should I brine my turkey? Do you like...
Perfectly cooked bacon on a tray.

Chef Alan: How to Cook Perfect Bacon

Almost every food is better with bacon. As much fun as it is to eat, it is a mess to clean up. The...
Chef Alan, working in the deli making delicious foood

Chef Alan

August of 2015, Speedy Market history was made. We hired our first-ever chef: Chef Alan...
Saint Paul Switchel

St Paul Switchel

Today, we are featuring a fantastic local item, one that is so delicious and so refreshing, it...
Grocery Store

Welcome to Our New Website!

Hello, and welcome to Tim and Tom’s Speedy Market’s brand new website! Huge thanks go to Ryan...
Grocery Store, BBQ Sauce

Specialty BBQ Sauces

Speedy already features delicious meats for all your summer grilling needs.  But what if you want...

Quality Meats

  • Local Kadejan antibiotic­free chicken
  • Seasonal Reserve Upper Iowa Beef
  • House Made Sausages
  • Comfry Pork
  • Flatiron Beef Steaks
  • New York Strips
  • Ball Tip Roast
  • Pub Burgers
  • Ground beef fresh daily
Butcher in Store

Deli - Great Meal Options

Made Fresh Monday through Friday


  • Tasty Sandwiches
  • Fresh Sushi
  • Paninis’s
  • Soup
  • Grab a Drink and Chips
  • Pickles
  • Brownies
  • Drunken Noodle Salad
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Cole-Slaw & Pasta made fresh
  • Chicken wild rice salad
Deli Case, Easy Meal on the go.

“Whenever I’m within a mile of this store I have to get a sammich. Darn good and always a pleasant person at the register.” – The Dude

Fresh Produce

Produce is very important to us. We strive to deliver the best and local when possible.

Speedy Market, Produce
Fresh Produce at Speedy Mart

“A great little corner store complete with fresh organic produce…” Diatom D.

See what’s new with Tim and Tom’s.


True Stone Coffee, Morningstar, Wicked Joe, from Maine, Tim and Tom’s Coffee

Bob's Red Mill

From Scottish Oats to Almond Flour, We feature over 50 products from Bob’s, many of which are gluten-free.


Speedy, for all your baking needs, including specialty flours, organic sugar, and organic frosting!

Artisan Cheeses

Speedy is your passport to the world with our specialty cheese section! 


Coming to Speedy Market can feel a lot like going to the candy store. While you can find your childhood favorites, you can also find something new. Try a new favorite from Taza, Chocolove or Chuao! We proudly feature local chocolatier Abdallah!

Household Goods

Speedy has that covered too, with Bim Bam Boo paper towels and napkins, Mrs. Meyer dish soap and multi­cleaner, and Seventh Generation dishwashing gel and powder!

Deli Sandwiches and Sides

Specialty Beverages

Over 50 flavors of glass bottle soda.

Grab and Go

We have many fast options to fit your schedule.

Speedy Rewards App

Fight Inflation with Tim and Toms Rewards.

Speedy Loyalty App

“A gem of a neighborhood grocery. It is small in size, but huge in selection.” – Bruce Y.

Family Owned and Operated 

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